Case Studies

Here you can find our successful stories

Grand Hyatt Shanghai installed ductFIT in their rooms to remove all kinds of viruses and bacteria that were creating mold, and bad odours. The installation of ductFIT allowed them to rent rooms that were unused before, generating a return on investment in less than two days.


Loewe, a leading brand in customer service and a pioneer in safety and hygiene for its team, hired us to offer safety and confidence to customers and employees, making their stores free of coronavirus 24 hours a day. We installed CAS ductFIT® systems to eliminate coronaviruses and a monitoring and detection platform to track in real time the state of their entire infrastructure.


In 2019 Saint Gobain moved to a new office and the EHS team needed a fully automated solution that would allow them to have a healthy workspace, free of viruses, bacteria and with certain air quality parameters. Our “Air-as-a-service” solution allows all equipment to operate automatically by disinfecting workspaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


After lockdown, the fear of Haworth employees in Shanghai to return to work was very real. Ductfit equipment was installed before employees returned to work and strict measures were taken to achieve a safe workplace.


The leading kindergartens in Singapore, Julia Gabriel, decided to return to the classrooms in collaboration with Ductfit, ensuring constant disinfection, which gave total safety and health to the parents of the children and to the workers themselves.